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Маю вищу філологічну освіту, закінчила Університет "Україна" (філологія), маю дипломи з англійської мови (рівень upper intermediate). Працювала як за фахом (журналіст, контент-менеджер), так і нянею в укр та англомовних родинах протягом 6 років. Розумію і люблю проводити час із дітьми, можу знайти підхід до будь-якої дитини) Маю успішну повну сім'ю (донька 10 років)._________________________I have a University degree, specialized philological and publishing deal ( University "Ukraine", and have diplomas in English (upper-intermediate level). Has worked at my main speciality (journalist, content manager) and as nanny in Ukrainian and English-speaking families for 6 years. I understand children and love to spend time with them, I can find an approach to any little Human) I have a full successful family (daughter 10 years).

Відгуки про виконавця Вероніка
Андрей Довгань
(Оцінка: 5,0)
Вероника дочке и нам ОЧЕНЬ понравилась!
Cecylia Aqel - Pyka
(Оцінка: 5,0)
So far our best choice in BahamaMama :)
Kristina Schwarz
(Оцінка: 5,0)
Veronika is very nice and carefully. She speaks very well English and has good education. I can strongly recommend. My daughter was very happy with her.
Damir O
(Оцінка: 5,0)
Veronika has all the qualities of a reliable, trustworthy, and successful nanny. She is very reliable and motivated. If I were in need of a nanny, I would not hesitate in hiring Veronika again.
Elizabeth Wofford
(Оцінка: 5,0)
Veronika is an amazing nanny!! Our son is only used to Mom and Dad due to COVID-19 quarantine, so he is very attached to us. Veronika was amazingly patient and kind to our boy as they got to know each other! She is exceptionally attentive to how we play with him and mirrors it well, adding in her own flair and teaching him Russian words throughout. We look forward to having Veronika over again to become even better friends with our son! Thank you!
Shane Lucey
(Оцінка: 5,0)
Veronika has proven to be a very reliable and skilled nanny. She works amazingly well with our toddler, is communicative and established a great relationship with out daughter. We really appreciate the help she has been.